Friday, July 6, 2012

Try these places in Bangalore

Bangalore, India 

Some other great restaurants that you should try are:

Bow Barracks - Named after the famous Anglo-Indian neighbourhood in Kolkata, this is the only restaurant in the city dedicated to the hybrid food. The fish cutlets are great.

*Operated by the same management is Chakum Chukum next to Daily Bread in Indiranagar. The crowd is probably intrigued with the name and the reason they come here in the first place. And the food - Calcutta rolls - are good, especially because no-rules food should be enjoyed with no rules.So the haphazard seating arrangements pretty much all over the street in front of the tiny kitchen and standing under nearby trees setup is ideal. But I preferred a place called Best of Bengal in Frazer Town. It doesn't have curb appeal and not much of aesthetic sense inside either, but the rolls are hot and fresh and taste great. 

Address: 2nd Main, opposite Just Bake, Indirangar
Ph:  30412940 ext:411

Olive Beach - It's become a bit of an institution over the years and with good reason. Good food, great liquor, a Mediterranean ambiance - these are a few of the things that make life beautiful.

Address: 16 Wood Street, Ashok Nagar
Ph: 41128400

Grasshopper - For a dining experience like no other. You have to call at least two days ahead and let them know you're coming. They'll ask for your dietary preferences and you leave the rest to them. At the end of a long drive toward the outside of the city at a family farm, dine under the stars as you savour the specially crafted menu created and executed by Chef Himanshu Dimri. 

Address: 45 Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road
Call 26593999 for reservations. 

Happy Belly Bakes - The tiny cafe in Richard's Town is a hidden find. Some of the best brownies are sold here along with great cafe food like the chicken and olive quiche. Moist and flavourful. The designer cakes that they are famous for seem like surefire winners.

Address: Clark Road, Richards Town 
Ph: 9845011638

Absolutely lovely place to have breakfast is at The French Loaf, just opposite the street from Happy Belly Bakes. Sit in the landscaped front yard of a colonial bungalow under the shade of a huge tree. It's the best place to enjoy the weather early in the day between mouthfulls of chicken sausages and baked beans. I finished off the meal with a latte (pictures alongside). Lipsmackingly good. Can't ask for a better start to a day. And I have Vik, who was the perfect company to enjoy this beautiful morning with, to thank for the discovery.

We were there last evening as well and the place is just as beautiful and so different in the evening. Lit up with tiny gold bulbs, the deepening sky at dusk looks wonderful through the leaves of the large tree. The waiters don't bother you to place an order or to clear the table. Everyone around you is busy in conversation and they seem to be having a good time. The positivity is infectious. If you don't mind some smoke from a nearby table because someone may have lit a cigarette, this is one of the best places in Bangalore to sit back and watch the world go by.   

Address: Clark Road, Richards Town 
Ph: 32480810

Do try Lakeview on MG Road. A great alternative to Corner House. It's pretty popular but sometimes it takes a little reminding of the wonderful breeze that you can enjoy while sitting on the steps outside. The view of the city's main street at night is beautiful, the flavours and combinations are numerous, the taste is great and the prices are well worth the money.

Address: Kannan Building, MG Road
Ph: 25582161

DO NOT TRY The Rice Bowl on Lavelle Road. Too oily, poor taste, not the best service. And the decor seems to have been frozen in time. Maybe it was just an off night that they were having because the place did start to fill up. But it will take plenty to convince me to return. The company and the conversation was top notch though.

Address: Lavelle Road
Ph: 22240216

While you trawl for the best places to eat at, you might want to check They are a local startup with online reservations and attractive offers including discounts and fun food-related experiences like sushi making workshops and more. 

Dinner at Chutney Chang tonight. Watch this space for that update.

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